Contactless Payment Solution

About Us

PowerCard Tap Card

PowerCard is a tap-to-pay card that provides more security and availability—currently used in the public transportation sector.

How PowerCard Works?

PowerCard tap card uses an embedded microcontroller chip with Near Field Communication (NFC) to “talk” to a similarly equipped reader.

Faster Queue & Transaction Time

Customers paying on a contactless reader can complete transactions quickly, as they don’t have to spend time counting money. It allows for a reduction in queue times.

Fewer Abandoned Sales

Contactless card readers receive fewer abandoned sales. The convenience of contactless allows customers to pay without requiring the exact change on

Reduce Cash Handling

Reducing change in the till results in a lower risk of theft and loss due to mistakes.

End User

Transaction Speed

Contactless card payments can be completed within 15 seconds or less and work twice as fast as other payment methods.


If your card was stolen or lost, you can freeze the account or contact your bank, which will disregard and amend fraudulent payments.


The NFC technology within contactless readers can interact with phones and connected accessories such as watches or rings.

Overall enhanced customer experience

With faster, more secure, and effortless transactions, shops can see an increase in sales output and a reduction in abandoned sales as the average transaction value increases when the amount of cash the customer carries is limited.